The Story of Handy With A Hook

Bringing a passion to life

It runs in the family, memories of watching nanna working hard in her sewing room and her lessons in cutting fabric so we could hand sew our very own soft toys.

Oh and how my Nanna could knit, to this day I live in her perfectly knitted slippers.

I remember sitting at Omys feet holding skeins of yarn over my wrists as she quickly wound it into perfect balls.

There was once a timber spinning wheel, I was fascinated with the way it spun coarse lengths of fleece through wise hands.

Then my mother handed me my first crochet hook, I might have been 10, she showed me how to make a chain and that was that, I was hooked!

20 years later Handy With A Hook was given life. Taking great pride in the creation of each individual piece and stitching it lovely to bring you well

made treasures to love and cherish for always.



Handy with a Hook Products

Little Ones

Crochet soft toys, 100% uniquely designed & hand made by Handy With A Hook right here in Australia. These little treasures are lovingly stitched over approximately 12 hours with great care and detail. Made with cotton blend yarn and filled with pure Aussie merino wool, Little Ones are made to cherish.

Handy Kits

Handy Kits have been designed to provide you with everything you need to create your very own  Little One. This kit includes:

Amigurumi pattern, Pure Aussie Merino wool filling, Safety Eyes & Nose, Bamboo Cotton Yarn.

Wool filling

Handy With A Hook proudly fills all Little Ones with 100% pure Aussie merino wool for a perfectly dispersed and even finish.  A light filling for a softer, cuddlier finish to a fuller filling for a firmer finish. Available in light and dark colours to suit your project.

Crochet Hook

Handy With A Hook Yarn


Little Ones

Colorful yarn

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